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Mrs. Angela Godfrey » Meet Mrs. Godfrey

Meet Mrs. Godfrey

Mrs. Angela Godfrey is the school counselor at Clearview Elementary School. She graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology. From there, she attended Graduate School at Millersville University earning a Master of Education and Certification in Elementary School Counseling. This is her 17th year in the Red Lion Area School District. In addition to being the school counselor, she coaches the Clearview's 3rd-4th grade Envirothon Team.
Mrs. Godfrey is married and the proud mother of 2 daughters, Ashlynn (age 13) and Abbie (age 10). When she is not spending time with her family, she enjoys reading & scrapbooking.

Recent Posts

Career Lessons

All grades, except 3rd grade, will have a lesson in March/April focusing on careers. Specific lesson topics taught in each grade are:
Kindergarten--What jobs in our community use vehicles?
First Grade--How do my interests relate to careers?
Second Grade--What is a career?
Fourth Grade--What is my spark?
Fifth Grade--How can help me learn about future careers?
Sixth Grade--What careers will fit my lifestyle?

De-stress for the Test

On March 27th, third graders will receive a lesson on how to de-stress for the upcoming PSSA tests. Please talk with your child about their "Tame the Testing Tiger Plan".

Friendship Lessons

February's lessons will focus on Friendship. Specific topics taught in each grade level are:
  • Kindergarten:  How do I make friends?
  • 1st grade:  How can I be a bucket filler?
  • 2nd grade:  How do I show kindness?
  • 3rd grade:  How do I treat others with respect?
  • 4th grade:  How do I include others?
  • 5th grade:  How do I cooperate?
  • 6th grade: How does peer pressure affect my decisions?

January Classroom Lessons

January's lessons focus on Diversity. Specific topics for each grade level are:
Kindergarten:  How am I unique?
1st grade:  How am I the same and different from the people in my Green Circle?
2nd grade: How do I show caring, sharing and respect to others?
3rd grade:  How do I feel when I am included and excluded in my Green Circle?
4th grade:  How do I emphasize with others?
5th grade:  Why is it important to have empathy for others?
6th grade:  Why shouldn't I judge others?

Internet Safety Lessons

Most classes received their Internet Safety lesson in November. However, a few classes will not have their lesson until the first week in December. Specific lessons topics for each grade are as follows:
Kindergarten: How can I make good choices online?
1st grade:  How do I go places safely online?
2nd grade:  What kinds of information should I keep to myself when I use the internet?
3rd grade:  How do I stay safe when I visit websites?
4th grade:  What is the difference between bullying and cyberbullying?
5th grade:  What is my digital footprint?
6th grade:  How can I be a responsible digital citizen?
Please talk with your child about what they learned. It is important for parents to be aware of everything their child(ren) are doing online. It is not an invasion of their privacy. It is simply keeping them safe in today's world. Feel free to contact Mrs. Godfrey with any questions or concerns.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

As part of the Clearview Counseling Program, classroom lessons are taught monthly in each Kindergarten-6th grade classroom. October's lessons focus on Bullying Prevention. Specific topics for each grade level are:
Kindergarten:  How do mean behaviors make me feel?
1st grade:  How do I deal with mean behaviors?
2nd grade:  What does bullying look like?
3rd grade:  What role do I play in bullying?
4th grade:  How do I deal with bullying?
5th grade:  How can I be assertive when being bullied?
6th grade:  How does bullying affect others? 

Meet the Counselor Lessons

Each K and 1st grade classroom will receive a classroom lesson from Mrs. Godfrey in the next week or two regarding what her role as a school counselor is. She will quickly review this information with students in grades 2-6 during her September classroom lesson.