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Intervention Specialist



Wendy Frey is currently an Intervention Specialist at Clearview Elementary School.  In her role, she works with students who are identified as struggling learners and could benefit from additional remediation strategies. Students are then provided with individualized interventions and their growth is monitored on a weekly basis.  


Mrs. Frey comes from a background in elementary education as well as special education.  She started her teaching career at Phineas Davis Elementary School in the School District of the City of York where she was a 5th grade teacher.  After four years of teaching at Davis Elementary, she moved to Hannah Penn Middle School and continued teaching 5th grade students for two more years before moving to the Red Lion Area School District. Mrs. Frey worked as a learning support teacher for two years until she transferred into her current role as Intervention Specialist.  


Mrs. Frey attended York College of Pennsylvania and earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Humanities with a specialization in Religion and Philosophy.  She then earned her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Temple University.  



  Bachelor's of Science in Humanities




                    Master's of Education