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Miss Taylor's Bio

Miss Danielle Taylor is an Elementary Art Teacher at Clearview and Pleasant View Elementary Schools in the Red Lion Area School District. 
At seven years old, Miss Taylor spent a great deal of time at her grandmother's house while her parents went to college and worked full time jobs.  Her grandmother was an artist and she recalls the house being filled with an array of paintings.  Many of the paintings were wall murals, such as a mermaid posing on the shower wall, an angel with her wings spread wide open encompassing the bedroom and a tree in full bloom embracing the living room.  The two would often spend their special time together at the kitchen table painting pictures and looking at works of art by their distant relative, Charles Demuth, a famous 20th century artist from Lancaster.  When Miss Taylor had her first Art class in Elementary school, she asked her Art teacher, "When are we going to be using oil paints on canvas?"
Miss Taylor's love of Art continued throughout her school years.  After graduating from Donegal High School, she attended Kutztown University and received a Bachelor of Science in Art Education degree with a Crafts Minor and Textiles concentration in 2000.  She has completed course work towards her Master of Arts in Art Education degree at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  
She has been with the district since 2000.